Service and Pricing

Mix and match levels of service and pricing.

*We do not charge for moving furniture!
We move couches, tables and chairs from side to side upon request.
(standard and premium service only)
We do not move bedroom furniture, electronics, wall units, aquariums, pianos, or any other large or heavy piece of furniture. We are happy to clean your carpet wall-to-wall if you wish. Just have the room cleared to give us access to all the carpet before we arrive.

**45 Day Touch Up:
With premium service there is a 45 day touch up which means we will come back and re-clean any traffic area (one area only) within 45 days of the original cleaning at no charge.

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Our promise to our customers, is that when you contact us, you can expect experienced and trusted professionals who know what they are doing, will treat you and your home with the utmost respect, and who will provide a level of service and workmanship to bring our cleaning magic to you. From your first contact, throughout the work, and every time you need us for grout and tile cleaning and other services, our passion and focus is the transforming of your floors,carpet, tiles, and upholstery back to beautiful again.

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With every type of business, there are always a few immoral business owners that will look to take advantage of the average homeowner and can ruin it for all of the other legitimate service providers. Some of these underhanded businesses will cheat you on the quality of the cleaning they perform or on the type and quantity of products they use. Many of them will use the age-old bait and switch technique to lure you in with a price that seems like a great bargain, only to charge a great deal more when they arrive for the appointment.

With Magic Carpet Care you get the price that is promised. We have packages that completely lay out every step that is included in each service. From day one we have been a respectable and legitimate, professional carpet cleaning company that will provide high quality carpet care at a reasonable price.